Sunday, January 29, 2012

I felt like a doll, everything I forgot seemed so small

101_4195 101_4196 101_4198 101_4232 101_4209 101_4219

I ate tons of food, forgive my appetite. I ran out of money already so that means I won't be able to eat the whole next week. :'(
Today I went to the mall with Monica and her daughters (read: dolls). The red haired one is Aika, bob hair is Akiko, and the tiny one is Aria. First we ate at Ichiban sushi, then went to Dante coffee to take photo of the dolls (I swear the dolls had more pics than me! That's because I looked messy like I just bitchfought with the Plastics so I was turned down already when I saw myself in the mirror hahaha had no urge to pose) and ordered caramel macchiato. I've never drunk caramel macchiato before and it tasted pretty good I think.
We took photos with the doll outdoor and I tried to persuade Monic to lend her doll to me so I could bring it on my hand and people would stare at me lol *attention seeker* but I was right it really worked. Almost----no, everyone who passed me by had taken a look on the doll before they continued walking y( ̄(エ) ̄)y
In the evening before I went home, we managed to eat at QQ Kopitiam. I had no money left therefore I ordered peanut butter toast and teh tarik, but well, look at the size. I could finish all the toast in one bite, duh.....That's when I stayed there for almost 1 hour; 5 minutes to eat and the rest to use their wi-fi hahaha
After I hit home, I spent my Saturday night being forever alone as always. Family went to a late Christmas party, so I waited up for them to come home until 12am.

I guess I should go to sleep now, it's 3.30am and I have to wake up at 8am. Off to bed!

Monday, January 23, 2012

You should ask me why I've been gone lately

101_3870 101_3885 101_3914 101_3971 101_3942 101_3932 101_3969 101_3970 101_3984
 (I know I look like, ultra fat p(´⌒`。q)グスン)

Crazy love


"Oh, I want to know all the books you read and your favorite sweets and why you hypnotize me"

Those 2 are actually old photo. Lately I'm digging up my CDs and the photos on it because I'm running out of pics to post. I felt fully energized on Sat but the feeling has gone now (mainly because tommorow I have school), too bad. Anyway I had CNY dinner last night, and today morning joined the choir for CNY mass, 7am. I was damn sleepy I can't concentrate on singing and right when I hit home, I fell asleep hahaha. slept for 4 hours straight till 1pm and I've been playing PC, strolling around Youtube to find good songs ever since. Pathetic........let's unite, forever alones on lunar new year.
Ugh, and I think I really need to go out more often ;___; I wanna take photos outside!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Phone camera #1

Untitled-3 copy
Untitled-3 hhhhmj

(1) Happy Chinese new year! 新年快乐, 万事如意!
(2) Tennis course
(3) Listen and your whole day may be better
(4) Camwhore-ing #1
(5) Random baby mantis
(6) Piano sheets for Epik high's 우산
(7) Camwhore-ing #2
(8) Clouds on my way back home from school

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't know what for

These days I'm feeling really insecure, dunno why.
Just read Jacqueline Koh's post about her plastic surgery (+ the details, like, really detailed how it was done!) and I'm like...thinking of getting one HAHAHA which is kinda funny and impossible, because I don't even have enough money to buy my own clothes #okayguy.jpg. Anyway I just found out that all of my mood swing lately was caused by PMS. Sucks. Eventhough I'm a truly gemini and my mood does change every minute, but the tummy ache and the pressure from school have just made it 3 times worse.

I think I'll just stick to my diet plan and photoshop right now *still being jialat about figure matter*.
Btw really hope the last pic of mine haunts your dream tonight hehe #trollface.jpg. Gotta study chemistry, signing off!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The school babbling post

Untitled-3 copy

(I know it's really late to post NYE firework photo but doesn't matter, got picture)
It's 11:30 PM and I'm in the middle of assignment-making. This world is crazy, what kind of socrery is this. School turtores me with loads of exams everyday 1 week straight starting tommorow when next week is only the second week after school started.
I think my head is going to explode just like fireworks above and I'm getting sleepy.....I think I'm going to make a glass of coffee. Just got less than 7 hours to sleep, in which I haven't studied physics and this shit isn't finished yet. I think I tend to cuss everytime I'm on my hard time....Oh well. 1 and half more years to enjoy school. I think I should cherish every single agony of it.
Oh no, more ramblings, I MUST get back into my school paper.
Good night.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rice ball

I just found out that I was featured on Moments like Diamonds' #69 Fashion hime hehehe \(^0^)/ that's clearly the reason behind my increasing traffic, and followers... I almost got a mini heart attack when I was seeing the post because I submitted the form like, in June and it just came up now. By the way I was wondering why I have to get that 69 number....
These are the pics taken in Malacca, specifically the ones taken during my lunch in Famosa (I didn't know Famosa is that famous! They even have website orz I thought it was just an ordinary Chinese restaurant. No wonder the place was so crowded)
101_3862 101_3680

I was shocked because inside turned out that they had Wi-Fi Σ(O_O;)
Yay, chicken, pork, and duck! That round things on the right were rice balls, my first time eating them and they were nice! 
I was the first one who finished lunch...didn't eat much considering my weight gain during holiday :') then after filling tummy with great food we headed to Christ Church Melaka.

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