Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last words for 2011

It's 10PM here 2 hours before 2012 started and I've been sitting in front of computer like....10 hours ago? foreveralone.jpg, as long as I can remember, the NYE last years were also the same, just chilling inside home, watching the fireworks from our balcony on 00:00, shouting "Happy new year!!" accompanied by the blasting sound of firework and trumpet and horn, then feeling the awkward silence after all the chaos,....until few minutes later I eventually decided to sleep. No new year resolution, as I don't have any constant target in my life.
So, I was just back from Malaysia 3 days ago...

Arrived in Malaysia on afternoon 24th, and I spent my Christmas night played bowling, then had midnight dinner (teh tarik! yum). Ok I know I sucked at bowling but it's my first strike!! F stands for Felicia.
Untitled-1 copy

On 25th night went to I-city, super jam! Went from auntie's home at 6PM and arrived there at 9. I bought a headband that looked like Minnie's ribbon for 5RM and it could light up my world like nobody else! A girl came upon me and asked where did I buy it, I was nervous to talk to foreigner and couldn't say a word so auntie was the one who told her, such a shame (>////<)

Me bro and cousins took a ride, and I don't know what's the ride is called in english....I really like the photo daddy took. Can you spot me? Teehee.
I guess I'll join my neighbourhood's barbecue party infront of my house (because the food are free!)
Have a happy new year everybody, be tough for 2012! \;)/

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope 2012 is a great year for you! ^^


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