Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too sweet I would eat you up


On Saturday went to Lind's Ice Cream Cafe with Monic! My first food was pancake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks. Yum! I'm hungry now.

Then Monic ordered something, vanilla ice cream with blue thing around it which turned out had alcohol inside._. oh my, I can't imagine piggyback her home if she's drunk. Anyway, I was busy eating chocolate ice cream with, crunchy thing, err it think it's peanut mixed with corn flakes.

It was super delicious! During my research a day before the visit, found out they used home-made ice cream, no wonder. The cafe wasn't crowded at all, felt like we two were the owner of it! Haha I could move the chair for taking photo anywhere I want.

Will definitely go back again hehe~ have a nice Sunday! \(^-^)/

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