Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The thoughts

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I'm getting depressed about how I look. I really hate my round shaped;big face, puffy cheeks that come up like balloon. Just everytime I see my photos I just wanna liquify it to the max until my face looks normal. My neck also got some fat, especially when I see my super wide hips I feel bad about myself :(( It's hard to pick the right clothes that make you look fine...I don't eat much but these things just came upon me.


Tondano Lake;

That's all for today. I have tons of photos which are waiting to be touched up :'')


  1. Love these, you look cute as abutton with that hat on!
    And I like the more indie rap too, with a hip hop vibe minus the usual crap that is always playing on the radio! Glad you liked my site, come and visit again soon! Subscribe to us!

    Love your blog!

    Much love,
    The Internet Garbage

  2. nice picture .

    please visit :


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